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Registration & Profile


Need to adjust your registration or edit your profile? Follow these simple instructions.

Where can I edit my profile/personal details?
To update your profile settings, click ‘My Profile’ and make the necessary changes. You need to be logged in to gain access to this section.

Will I need to renew my Aussie Specialist qualification?
No. As long as you engage with the program (e.g. complete a module) within a two-year period, your qualification will be kept active.

I used to be an Aussie Specialist, and my account is no longer active. How can I rejoin the program?
If you did not renew your account prior to the new version of the Aussie Specialist Program going live (late-2015), you will need to register and complete the new program. You will find the new version of the program more engaging and interactive – give it a go!

How can my profile be displayed on
Only Premier Aussie Specialists are eligible for their profile to appear on Tourism Australia's consumer facing website – Premier Aussie Specialists are selected by Tourism Australia according to the criteria set out for 'Premier' status.

How do I become a Premier Aussie Specialist?
There is a set criteria to become a Premier Aussie Specialist. This varies depending on where you are located. Contact Us to find out more.

How do I unsubscribe from the Aussie Specialist newsletter?
Unsubscribe here.

How do I subscribe to the Aussie Specialist newsletter?
Subscribe here to receive our newsletter, packed with useful information.

I am a student, can I register?
Thanks for your interest in learning more about Australia, however the program is designed to be used by front line travel sellers only. You will find a lot of useful information on our consumer-facing website

How do I access my past achievements from the previous Aussie Specialist website?
Click on your profile page and scroll to the end to view a list of past achievements from the previous website.

Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Aussie Specialist Program.