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Nature & Wildlife


Suggestions on how to access some of our diverse natural environments and view our unique wildlife.

Where can I see kangaroos and koalas in the wild?
There are many places around Australia that you can spot kangaroos and koalas in the wild. Kangaroo Island in South Australia is often referred to as 'Australia's Galapagos' as there is so much wildlife to view in their natural habitats. In Victoria, you’ll find kangaroos in both the Grampians and Wilsons Prom – and on Pebbly Beach on the south coast of New South Wales plus Lucky Bay in Esperance Western Australia, you can often spot kangaroos lazing on the beach.

When is the turtle nesting/hatching season in Australia, and where are some places to see this?
Queensland locations such as Mon Repos near Bundaberg and Heron Island are fantastic places to view this amazing nature event. Nesting turtles are best viewed from November to January, and hatchlings are best viewed from January to March.

Is it possible to swim with whale sharks? Where and when can my customers do this?
Ningaloo Reef on the mid-north coast of Western Australia is a popular place to experience swimming with the gentle giant of the ocean - the whale shark. The world's largest fish are found in large numbers in this area usually between April and July. Whale shark watching operators depart from towns such as Exmouth and Coral Bay in this region. The Ningaloo Reef fact sheet has more information on this amazing region.

When is whale watching season in Australia? Where are the best locations for this?
Australia is one of the best places in the world to see whales, often from accessible beaches and cliff-faces  but of course from specialist whale watching cruises. Whales can be spotted along the east coast on their annual migration north from Antarctic waters between June and August and then on their southern return between September and November – usually with their newborn calves in tow. Popular places to whale watch include Warrnambool in Victoria, the south coast of New South Wales (e.g. Eden and Jervis Bay), Sydney and Port Stephens and of course Hervey Bay near Fraser Island.

Where are some locations that my customers can do some bird watching in Australia?
Bird watching is a popular and fast growing tourism sector in Australia. This can be done in many parts of the country, with the Top End of the Northern Territory (including Kakadu National Park) and the rainforests of northern Queensland (such as Daintree National Park) being two of the most popular.

Where can my customers see crocodiles in the wild?
Both estuarine (saltwater) and freshwater crocodiles inhabit the waters of tropical Australia. There are several operators that offer crocodile spotting cruises. Extreme caution is advised in the areas where crocodiles are found and visitors should take note of signage advising against swimming in many rivers.

Where can I view penguins in Australia?
Phillip Island in Victoria is home to the little penguins which are native to Australia and the smallest of their species. The penguins race up Summerland Beach to their burrows at dusk daily with multiple viewing options available. 

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