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Food & Wine


Access fact sheets on memorable food and wine experiences that can be enjoyed in each state and territory.

Where can I find a list of good bars & restaurants in Australian cities?
Our cities are brimming with amazing locations to enjoy some of the best produce in the world. Check out the fact sheets on food and wine that can be enjoyed in each state and territory: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

Where can I find more information on Australian wine regions and vineyards?
Australia is home to more than 60 wine producing regions across the country and has developed a worldwide reputation for its award-winning wines. Check out the Ultimate Winery Experiences of Australia fact sheet for more information on some of the top wine tourism experiences available in Australia.

Is it possible to stay the night on a vineyard?
Yes, several vineyards offer overnight experiences. Check out the Ultimate Winery Experiences of Australia fact sheet for more information.

Do Australian restaurants serve halal food?
Australia is a very multicultural country and this is reflected in the types of cuisine found in restaurants across the country, so yes your customers will be able to find this.

Are there many Indian restaurants in Australia?
Indian cuisine is very popular in Australia, and it is possible to find Indian food across the country.

How can I find out more about the Tourism Australia campaign 'Restaurant Australia'?
Great you want to know more about our campaign, Restaurant Australia! There is a Restaurant Australia module you can take, and you can also access a number of fact sheets on Australia's food & wine experiences.

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