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Driving in Australia


Learn more about driving distances and travel times with tips, tools and maps to assist.

Will my customers have to pay a fee to drive on the roads in Australia?
There are road tolls in many Australian cities and these vary from road to road. The charge is collected electronically and charged to the customer's credit card. The process will be explained to your customers when they collect their hire car. For more information, check or the Driving in Australia fact sheet.

How long should I recommend my customers take to complete the Great Ocean Road drive?
The Great Ocean Road is an extremely popular and scenic driving route found outside of Melbourne. While it is possible to experience this on a day trip, it is recommended to spend several days exploring this area. Check out the Great Southern Touring Route suggested itinerary for more information.

Is it possible to take a hire car across to Kangaroo Island?
Yes, but not all rental companies allow for their cars to be transported on the ferry, so it is best to please check with them directly.

Will my customers need an international drivers license to drive in Australia?
Not necessarily. If the licence is not in English, many car hire companies require drivers to obtain an international drivers license from the applicable automobile association in their home country. Refer to the Driving in Australia fact sheet for more information.

Will my customers need a four-wheel drive vehicle to do a self-drive in the Red Centre?
Not necessarily, depending on what areas they would like to visit. There is a sealed road between Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Uluru – there are unsealed options as well. The Red Centre Way suggested itinerary has useful information on this touring route.

Where can I find a list of driving times and distances?
The Getting Around Australia fact sheet has information on various tourism routes in Australia. Also you will find the Interactive Map useful for flying times.

Where can I find some common Australian itineraries including self-drive routes that I can recommend to my customers?
This website has a large number of suggested itineraries including driving routes for you to suggest to your customers. You can find these in the Itinerary section of this site.

How long should I recommend my customers take to drive between Sydney and Melbourne?
While it is possible to drive directly between these two major cities in 9 to 10 hours, visitors should take their time as there is a lot to see along the way. There are several routes to follow. The Sydney to Melbourne suggested itinerary has some ideas that you could recommend to your customers.

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