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South-West, Beaches and Goldfields


Perth - Bunbury - Augusta - Pemberton - Albany - Esperance - Kalgoorlie - Merredin - Perth

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Discover the diverse and theatrical landscapes of Australia's south-west corner. Drive from Perth through the buzzing historic port of Fremantle and swim with dolphins in Mandurah and Bunbury. Explore wineries, surf beaches, ancient limestone caves and towering karri forests in the Margaret River region. Walk through a canopy of sky-scraping trees in the Valley of the Giants, near Walpole. Swim and surf from Esperance's clean, empty white beaches and cruise to the pristine islands of the Recherche Archipelago. Soak up gold fever in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and trace the path of pioneers on historic gold trails. Watch golden sand morph to green valley as you drive back into Perth.

At a glance:

  • Perth – Bunbury (2 hours)
  • Bunbury – Augusta (2 hours)
  • Augusta – Pemberton (2 hours)
  • Pemberton – Albany (3 hours)
  • Albany - Esperance (5 hours)
  • Esperance – Kalgoorlie (4 hours)
  • Kalgoorlie – Merredin (3.5 hours)
  • Merredin – Perth (3 hours)