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Youth Experiences Tasmania


Tasmania, or ‘Tassie’ as its affectionately known by locals, is capturing hearts left, right and centre as a quirky, diverse, must-see destination.

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Tasmania is filling stomachs with an array of gourmet food and satisfying even the most intrepid traveller’s desire to explore the lesser known corners of Australia. It’s an island, off an island, at the edge of the world, with more than a third of its landmass protected in national parks and World Heritage areas. Yet Tasmania’s compactness means its spellbinding landscapes are easily accessible, and the scenery is as spectacular as it is diverse. A place where unique wildlife is a constant travel companion.

For the young, or young-at-heart, Tasmania is ideal for road trips and made for epic adventures. From the natural icons of Wineglass Bay in the East and Cradle Mountain in the West to the urban vibes of Hobart in the South and Launceston in the North.