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Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk


Green Mountains (O’Reilly) - Binna Burra - Woonoongoora walkers’ camp - The Settlement

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Walk through lush Gondwana rainforest and along the rim of an ancient, eroded volcano on this spectacular series of day walks. The trail traverses a landscape as old as the dinosaurs, linking World Heritage-listed Lamington and Springbrook plateaux with Egg Rock and Turtle Rock in the scenic Numinbah Valley. See the Tweed Volcano which erupted around 25 million years ago and the powerful, crystal-clear streams and waterfalls that continue to erode it today. Explore Woonoongoora, known to the local Yugambeh people as ‘Queen of the Mountains'. Learn their ancient ancestral legends of how the rivers and valleys were formed.  Camp in the rainforest at Green Mountains, Woonoongoora and The Settlement or in the private camping area at Binna Burra. The best time to walk this track is between March and October, when temperatures are milder.

At a glance:

  • Green Mountains (O’Reilly) to Binna Burra - 21.4km (13.3 miles)
  • Binna Burra to Woonoongoora walkers’ camp - 19.5km (12.1miles)
  • Woonoongoora walkers’ camp to The Settlement - 13km (8miles)