5 Days Legendary Pacific Coast
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5 Days Legendary Pacific Coast


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Stretching along the NSW coast, discover the golden dunes, majestic waterfalls, Aboriginal sites, a hinterland of lush river valleys and a coastline of sparkling beaches, accessible from the Legendary Pacific Coast touring route.

At a glance:

  • Sydney to Gold Coast Airport (861km / 535 miles)
  • Sydney to Port Stephens (207km / 128 miles)
  • Port Stephens to Port Macquarie (189km / 117 miles)
  • Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour (159km / 99 miles)
  • Sydney to Coffs Harbour (half way) (530km / 329 miles)
  • Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay (239km / 149 miles)
  • Byron Bay to Gold Coast Airport (67km / 42 miles)