On the Road in Australia
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On the Road in Australia

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Be aware of road rules and regulations to ensure a smooth journey on the open roads of Australia.

In Australia, laws and driving regulations differ from state to state, with the minimum driving age 18 years in Victoria, 16 years and 6 months in the Northern Territory and 17 years in all other states plus the Australian Capital Territory.

Australia has strict laws about drinking alcohol and driving, with the legal limit set at 0.05 blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Learners and probationary licenceholders must have a 0.00 BAC. It is wise to make alternative transport arrangements when planning to drink alcohol.

It is also illegal to use a mobile phone for calls or text messages whilst driving unless connected to a hands-free system. A driver must be parked out of the line of traffic to use a mobile device. Fines may apply for holding a phone, including in your lap, whilst in control of a motor vehicle and all passengers must wear seatbelts at all times.