Camping Guidelines for Australia
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Camping Guidelines for Australia

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Camping is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in Australia's natural splendour. Follow these handy tips when planning an Australian camping adventure.

There is nothing quite like camping to get up close and personal with Australia’s great natural wonders.  It’s important to plan ahead and be prepared to get the most out of a camping trip, whether it’s just a few days or a few months.  Here are some handy tips for planning a camping adventure in Australia:

  • Research where you are going – pay particular attention to conditions, weather, fees and facilities available.
  • Test your equipment – try putting your tent up, know how your stove works, double check torches and lamps.
  • Check fire regulations – only plan to cook over a campfire if you are confident and familiar with building and controlling fires. Always check to see if fires are permitted before lighting.
  • Arrive at your campsite in daylight – setting up a campsite can take time and doing it in the dark can cause undue stress.
  • Make torches, food and water easily accessible.

Australia has many camping facilities, from simple tent pitches to fully equipped campsites. Visitors can choose between bush camping, campsites in national parks and stays in holiday or tourist parks.